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Class Descriptions

Evening Yoga

A class appropriate for newer and experienced students looking for a simple but thorough sequence to prepare for winding down the day.  A bit less "caffeinated" than morning yoga, this class is a sweet way to maintain the flexibility and strength you've come to love about yoga and launch you into a lovely evening and perhaps even a great night's sleep. 

Morning Yoga

Smart sequencing moves us through the body's morning stiffness, challenges both lower and upper body, and leaves us feeling energized, strong and clear-headed to start the day. Creative versions of classics may include sun salutations, standing poses, inversions, hip work and backbends. Some classes will include pranayama (breath work), chanting or a visualization. Ends with savasana or a restorative pose. 

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Sacred Sunday Yoga
Take 90 sacred minutes to care for yourself physically, mentally & emotionally. This class takes its time to move into asana, and always starts with a message or theme that we can tap into for inspiration. We may chant, we may do a visualization, we may do pranayama. Each class is creatively guided by source. Asana is typically thorough but no crazy weird pretzely stuff. We always end with a few minutes of seated silent meditation.

Floor Yoga

We pretty much do the whole thing on the floor: On our backs,  butts, bellies or knees. It's sometimes pretty chill in terms of the amount of challenge, and sometimes you go away "feelin' it". It can be a really nice way to slow down and dig a little deeper than the other classes. We move the spine, strengthen the core, open the hips & thighs, twist and generally get it all. What a great way to keep ourselves moving and functioning well on and off the mat. 

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