Class Descriptions


Wisdom Chats 

In my classes, I typically spend some time up front presenting an idea for the day based on what seems pertinent to that now moment. It could be a yoga concept, current astrological influences, a frequency check-in, galactic wisdom or an exquisite poem that makes you stop and hear the roses. The themes are Universal and relatable in that we as humans are always playing a bit of hide-and-seek with our true nature, and our challenges are often very similar.

"Wisdom Chat" sample


Moving your body moves energy. Asana - the physical practice of yoga - is one of the most comprehensive ways to affect a remarkable shift, leaving you feeling a sense of well-being that can't really be achieved in many other physical systems.


I provide pretty detailed instructions in my classes that invite deep excavation and laser-like attention. Sometimes the tiniest little shift yields enormous results. I consider this kind of deep dialogue with our bodies to be "advanced" yoga. It's never about what it looks like, but how it feels.



Sacred Chanting

I often will chant simple mantras (particularly in the Sacred Sunday class) and invite students to chant with me. I'll provide "lyrics" to follow when the mantra is a little much to pronounce or try to remember. 

Sacred mantras widen the vibratory bandwidth of the chanter. Our hidden knowledge of ourselves as Divine beings gets amplified so that the heart can simply receive the good vibes of being uplifted, healed and protected. It's also a way to practice pranayama, it's fun, and can totally bliss you out.

Sacred chanting sample

Sacred Sunday Yoga
Back in the day,  yoga classes were 90 minutes. I'm pretending it's still "back in the day".

To take advantage of a fuller spectrum of yoga's spiritual offerings, it's sweet to take more time for yourself to truly unwind the windup. Classes start with some musings on the spiritual path and chanting a sacred mantra, so we don't start moving right away. Asana is geared to the experienced student, but modifications are suggested throughout. We chant mantra at the end (sometimes repeating mantra with mala beads 108X or accompanied by the harmonium), leading us into a deeply quiet state for seated meditation, and a delicious final relaxation pose at the end.

Morning Yoga

A comprehensive class designed for experienced students. We work through a sequence that systematically moves through the morning stiffness, challenges both lower and upper body, and leaves us feeling energized, strong and clear-headed to start the day. Classes start with some "musings on the path" to help us recognize that there's more to this thing than just the body. Creative versions of classics may include sun salutations, standing poses, inversions, hip work and backbends. Some classes will include pranayama (breath work), chanting mantras (with visual aids if they're complicated) and some meditation time. Others will end in a nice savasana or restorative pose. 


Floored Yoga

I used to call this class "Gentle on the Floor", but I think my regular peeps would agree that it's not consistently "gentle". We pretty much do the whole thing on the floor, on our backs, on our butts or on our knees. There some effort and challenge combined with a dollop of passive poses. This class is meant to supplement the more "yang" classes by giving our bodies some time to slow down and dig a little deeper. We will move the spine, strengthen the core, open the hips & thighs, twist deeply and generally stretch ourselves without any standing poses or sun sals. I think it's a great way to keep ourselves moving and functioning well on and off the mat. 

Evening Yoga

A class appropriate for newer and experienced students looking for a simple but thorough sequence to prepare for winding down the day.  A bit less "caffeinated" than morning yoga, this class is a sweet way to maintain the flexibility and strength you've come to love about yoga and launch you into a lovely evening and perhaps even a great night's sleep. 

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