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Energy Renewal Sessions

with Karen Johns, Certified IQM Energist, Levels I - III

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Practice Yoga ~ 7745 Five Mile Rd.

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What is an Energy Renewal?

As Albert Einstein says, everything is made of energy... which means that everything is vibrating at a certain frequency. When we experience pain or discomfort on any level: physically, mentally or emotionally, we are experiencing low-vibrating energies that may be blocking the natural flow necessary to feel good. But if that frequency is elevated or even cleared, our experience completely changes. Flow comes back and the energy fields can do what they naturally know how to do. Make sense?

The session is a collaboration of energies: Yours, mine and Source. Your job is to say yes to healing, to say goodbye to anything that is not serving your highest good. My job is to be a clear conduit for Source energy to call out the culprits affecting your condition and to request clearing and relief.


The Energy Renewal is a combination of healing modalities specifically alchemized for each individual's unique situation. Sessions may include a chakra connection, visualization and IQM (Integrative Quantum Medicine™). Clients typically describe their results as feeling some combo of renewed, relieved, reduction or eradication of pain and an overall sense of peace.

What is IQM and how does it work?

Integrative Quantum Medicine™ is an astoundingly effective hands-free healing technique created by Louise Mita. (The link will take you to her website.) It is a combination of Qigong, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Chinese Energetic Medicine, Kinesiology and Quantum Physics.


IQM identifies anything that may be influencing your symptoms on 7 different levels by utilizing muscle testing to ask your "Xen" or Higher Self "yes" and "no" questions via a protocol of questions regarding your spiritual, psychic, psychological, emotional, mental, metaphysical and physical. fields. And then asking for them to be cleared.

What does a session look like?

​1. We will touch base before or at the time of your session to discuss what's going and and what you'd like to address.


2. We ground and connect to Source through a visualization exercise. Then you silently express to Source your intent and openness to heal.


3. You find a comfy position (lying down typically since the session is 1 hour).


4. Most of the time, I will facilitate a chakra connection which helps the 7 main energy centers "talk" to each other, but not always. Source energy will tell us.


5. Source may suggest a specific visualization for you that I would talk you through if you are open to it.

6. I facilitate IQM (Integrative Quantum Medicine™) protocols silently while you simply rest and receive.

7. We close the session with any questions that may have arisen, notes you'd like to share or even a little "homework" from guidance.



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What can I expect when it's done?

The results are unique to each individual. After such a deep dive into all of the energy fields, people usually feel a deep sense of calm and relief. Some symptoms may have lessened, others may have gone away entirely.


Sometimes you might feel a bit spacey, so we spend some time grounding. It's important to drink plenty of water after the session, and listen to what your body needs as much as you can. An epsom salt bath is an excellent way to draw out any residual unnecessary energies, and some good YOU time is helpful. If journaling is your thing, consider writing about your experience to help ground your awareness. And if your Higher Self provides homework, it's a good plan to try to do it.

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