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Rest Your Wrists

13 minutes

Having some issues in your wrists or hands that make weight bearing painful and downright unwise in your yoga practice? Whether you've got a temporary issue, or something longer term happening, this 13 minute video offers some options for you to modify and adapt some new ways to make transitions. Props utilized are yoga blocks and a folding chair.

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Yoga with a Chair

37 minutes

Think "chair yoga" implies that there's no challenge? Think again. In this 37 minute video, this practice will wake up and warm up the legs and hips. The practice includes seated warmups for the spine, lower and upper body, and moves into some good variations of seated lunges to open up the hip flexors and thighs. This practice is also a great option if you have some balance issues or cannot bear weight on the hands or wrists.


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Ear Balm:

Sanskrit Lullabies for Listening

20 minutes

Need a TOTAL chillout? This video is ALL sacred mantras for listening. Recorded last year, this video includes Ong Namo Gurudev Namo, two Kali Durge mantras, the Heart Sutra and the Maha Mantra. If you are needing some soothing, set yourself up in a favorite restorative pose or plop into your favorite recliner, press "play" and let yourself go.


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