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What would we have done without zoom when the pandemic hit? In February of 2020, I never would have imagined I'd hear myself say "I love teaching online!".  But wow... never say never, right?

These are all recordings of classes livestreamed on zoom. As I build this library for you, I'm hand-picking classes that give you a range of challenge, topic and variety within each specific class title. I will add to and change up these classes periodically to keep it fresh, so I hope you'll enjoy them here if you didn't get to join me for the livestream.


75 Minutes

On Friday mornings at 10am Eastern Time, I teach a class online called "Floor Yoga". (Consider joining me live!) In this "episode", I invite you to get quiet. No, like, really listen. You'll get really present, and in that heart-centered space, there is nothing but the now moment... and you in all your gloriousness. I'll read you a beautiful Hafiz poem for inspiration, and we'll spend the next 75 minutes doing some well-organized rolling around on the floor with some slightly more challenging poses to round out the experience. I hope you'll join me for a class that's sure to prepare you for a lovely day ahead.





75 Minutes

On Sunday mornings at 10am Eastern Time, I teach a class online called "Sacred Sunday". (Consider joining me live!) In this class, I chat minimally up front about the significance of the eclipse, and then we launch into a sun salutation, full-on, well-rounded sequence for intermediate-ish students. Peak pose is urdvha dhanurasana (wheel pose) and then some wind-down before we sit and chant a sanskrit healing mantra, om shree dhanvantre namaha, 108X before melting into bliss.




Sun & Moon Practice
60 Minutes

This recording is a "Morning Yoga" class (on Tuesday/Thursday mornings livestreaming on Zoom at 9am Eastern Time). Recorded around the full moon of Guru Purnima, I chat minimally up front about the experience of being uplifted in the presence of a "guru" or high-vibrating energy field. We start gently, work into a few sun salutes, and then work through "moon salutations". Class winds down with some supported heart openers, forward bends, and a nice long "queen's pose" (supta baddha konasana) to wrap it up. This is a solid practice for experienced students who consider themselves beginners with mileage, or flat-out intermediates.