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You can find Layla Reed at http://laylayoga.net

From 2016 - 2021, I had the incredible honor to share ownership of a beautiful brick & mortar yoga studio in Milford, OH called The Yoga Nest. Me and my partner, Layla Reed, had an amazing 5 years holding classes, workshops, retreats, kirtans, and sharing the riches of yoga community with the most amazing and wonderful people we have the privilege to know. 

When the pandemic arrived, it dug it's heels in for a wayyyy longer time than any of us imagined. Ultimately, we chose to let go of the physical space at the natural end of our lease in July 2021. Moving forward, we both will maintain separate websites and continue to offer our services online as well as a peppering of live or pop-up events on occasion! (Sign up for my email newsletter if you'd like to be in-the-know!)

Online yoga instruction has worked darn well for the majority of folks in our communities. It's actually AWESOME to not spend that time on the road driving to & from a yoga class... especially in the winter! And while throwing down your mat in your guest room, hallway or kitchen isn't for everyone, or quite as fab as a big cavernous yoga studio, it sure is nice knowing that you CAN maintain your practice in your own home and thrive where you are.


This website contains love offerings to support you as you work through the shifts and changes in your midst. We've all got our own unique brand of them, and I know for sure that these practices have been vital to keeping some sanity, peace and perspective in these strange times. I hope you'll dip your toe in and try some things out. The community has a Lebron-width wingspan for wrapping its arms around you, and I hope you'll throw down a mat and stay a while.

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