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My love of kirtan and sacred chanting birthed a creative project back in 2010. A CD called Saprema (Sanskrit for "with love") was born. I got to layer up some harmonies here and there, and accompany myself with the harmonium. Most of the melodies and arrangements are original, one is a cover, and one is a traditional melody. The incomparable Jim Feist played tablas and some other percussion on a few tracks, and my husband got to try on his "producer" hat to keep me on pace and organized in the studio.  

What's wild to me is that even though this CD is now more than 11 years old, the music is still getting out there all over the world. It's fascinating to see where tracks have been purchased. My husband calls me an "international recording super star"!! Ha! So amazing what is possible now with this kooky thing called the internet. Just solidifies the fact that we are all connected!

Would you prefer to have an old school physical CD? I can hook you up! Contact me for details. 

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