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14 Days of Self-Love Letters

to Cultivate the Most Important Relationship in Your Life

O N L I N E   C O U R S E


What recent online participants are saying:

"My journey has been life changing, my inner peace and self love has increased more than I could have ever imagined. I can't thank you enough, and as things evolve I will document them so I can look back at the innate strength I possess."


"The self-love letter practice has amplified a voice that recognizes the successes of being human. Part of that may be a sense of never being enough but the focus has shifted to how well I show up as my true self and share genuinely. Growing the voice to love self has given me a greater ability to love others unconditionally." 


"Recognizing all the goodness in myself and letting go of all judgement brought me more emotional strength and comfort each day.  I felt a sense of peace every day when I finished and I can recall that whenever I read over my writings. I was very aware it would have been a different exercise for me 5, 10, 20 years ago.  Some distance from the ego, regrets and self judgement of youth was helpful."


What the course is about:

How are you doing with love and acceptance during this challenging time? As above, so below, my friends. If we want to see more love and acceptance "out there", we gotta start "in here". 

Are you aware of how you talk to yourself in the privacy of your own mind?  Do you speak to yourself with acceptance, encouragement and respect? Or is your inner judge large and in charge most of the time? 

In this project, you'll become that presence in your life that lifts you up, supports you, and looks for the good by writing yourself love letters. For 10 minutes a day / 14 consecutive days, you'll explore inhabiting your Higher Self, and writing to yourself from that point of view. 

Each day, you'll download a new .pdf file that contains: 
  • Words of wisdom from ancient masters to modern pundits
  • Writing guidelines
  • Specific writing prompts from Karen based on the quote of the day 

PLUS 3 videos from Karen:
  • Day 1: An intro with key foundational info and a writing sample shares
  • Day 7: A halfway point check-in
  • Day 14: Closing thoughts, your feedback and a gorgeous poem to propel you onward.

Isn't it exciting to imagine what might happen? It’s time to let go of our feelings of lack, limit and separation. It’s time to dive heart-long into a healing well of self love. I hope you'll give yourself this gift. 

Let's go!

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