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Certified Energist,

 Level III

since 2015​

"Energy Renewal" provider since 2016

Oneness Blessing Deeksha Giver since 2009

Yoga Alliance



​Registered Yoga Teacher with the Yoga Alliance

at the 500 hour level.

Teaching since 2003, YA certified since 2008

about karen

​I read a lot, I get outside pretty much every day to take walks with my husband. Both of us have Gemini rising, so we have a lot of fun talking and discovering whatever the latest assignments are for us here in earth school. One of the greatest treasures of this life is that I get to provide services that help other humans feel better... whether it's yoga, meditation, chanting, or energy work. 


My intro to yoga didn't come until my mid 30’s in the attic of an old house where my daughter took kindermusik classes. I studied with a very serious and wonderful  Iyengar teacher for a few years, and then when an Anusara yoga center opened up, I was 100% smitten from day 1. For the first time in my life, I gained body awareness, strength and confidence, and a door opened that spilled untold riches into in my life from that point onward.

25ish years later, the "right" amount of challenge in my practice feels great, and gets re-defined on a daily basis. I'm no longer interested in the  "pretzely" stuff. Letting go of that masculine template has given me the freedom to be more intuitive, listening to and honoring what my body needs depending on my current state of being. I practice to keep on feeling good - I teach because I absolutely love it. None of us are gettin' any younger, and we hold each other accountable by coming to our mats time and time again, letting go of the "shoulds", and continually practicing how to accept where we are without comparing ourselves to an old template we've outgrown.

As I get older, and particularly during the "covid" years, Divine messages and astrological insights were lining up for me big time that pointed toward learning/practicing some kind of energy healing technique. I just wasn't sure exactly what, but for sure my readings were pointing to energy work being a strong pathway of service in this lifetime.


Soon enough, my dear friend Patsy Baughn asked me for some graphic design help to promote her services as an IQM energist and trainer. Before I even knew what it was, I fell in love with its name: Integrative Quantum Medicine™.  Once I did the seminars and started practicing, I worked on friends and family with remarkable results. The technique has gotten more and more intuitive and refined since I started, and it is the shining star of the Energy Renewal sessions I offer.

energy work

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