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At this time on the planet, the temptation to look outside of ourselves, to judge and buy into division energy of "us" vs. "them" is very hard to avoid. Conversely, we have a lot of support from Source to take the road less traveled... going within.

Our thoughts are made of energy. What if we harness that energy and re-route it to help ourselves feel better, be more at peace and ultimately heal? That is what these visualizations are all about. 

These half hour recordings are edited versions of a series I ran last year with my community. Each one has a unique purpose or call to "action" so to speak to empower you in your own healing process. You'll be using this powerful tool of visualization to move, release, extract or draw in energies. 

So pull up a chair and prepare for liftoff! I hope you enjoy going deep within your personal landscape using the power of your own imagination to activate a new way of being. 

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